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THERMOJET Body Technology

THERMOJET MORFOLOGIC a new technology, an exclusive system of treatment in termolipólisis and the complement of his bands with ultratecno of silicone antiallergic and sterilization does that an equipment like the Thermojet morphologic has benefits in treatments general and located with visible results from the first session in obesity and cellulitis, I relieve logical symptom of pains of bones, joints and muscles.

ThermoJet at Hemi Day Spa


 Thermojet Morphologic is ideal equipment for treatment of overweight, cellulite, muscle aches and joint and therefore certain inflammatory processes.

The Thermojet works on the principle of Thermolipolysis. It emits infrared rays with a frequency of 8,000 Angstroms. This energy penetrates to the subcutaneous fat, stimulating the metabolism of the fat cells and improving the circulation. The infrared rays increase the body temperature, stimulating cellular chemical and metabolic reactions globally. This causes the fat stores to be used up with a consequent loss in weight and bulk.



Nervous System: neuralgias, neuritis and spasms of central origin.
Musculoskeletal: arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint and muscle contusions, sprains, muscle tears … Nerve and muscle relaxation
Digestive system: stomach pains, cramps.
Urogenital: cystitis, nephritis, urolithiasis.
Metabolic diseases, including obesity, metabolic stimulation, increased energy consumption, activation of circulation, resorption of edema
On the skin: in inflammatory processes, tissue detoxification, increased sebaceous secretions and sudoral (excretion), improvement of skin absorption.

ThermoJet Anti-Aging Treatment



Thermojet. 1 Session



Thermojet Packages

6 sessions … $762        8 sessions … $976      10 sessions … $1170

Add on Treatment    10 Min. $30      20 Min. $50

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